Image Prod No. Title Description Airdate
Image3 1a Omelet Party The Rabbids become fascinated with chickens laying eggs.  August 3, 2013
Image4 1b Rabbid Mollusk The Rabbids interrupt a man cleaning windows.  August 3, 2013
Image8 1c Rabbid, Are You There The Rabbids observe a thief in action.  August 3, 2013
Image15 2a Stop,No More The Rabbids annoy a hitchhiker with their laughter.  August 10, 2013
Image18 2b Rabbids VS Vacuum Cleaner A janitor's relaxing night gets disturbed.  August 10, 2013
Image21 2c Runaway Rabbids The Rabbids run loose in an airport.  August 10, 2013
Image19 3a Rabbids Say Chesse A photo booth is invaded by the Rabbids.  August 17, 2013
Image16 3b Raving Lifeguard A lifeguard's day turns chaotic.  August 17, 2013
Image16 3c Rabbid Market The Rabbids seek out Pepper Cola in a grocery store.  August 17, 2013
Image16 4a Elevatrous Rabbidinus The Rabbids discover a elevator in a mall, believing that it is magic, then try on free hats.  August 24, 2013
Image16 4b Until Rabbids Do Your Part The Rabbids interfere with wedding photos while trying to catch a fly.  August 24, 2013
Image16 4c Rabbid Radar The Rabbids drive a police officer crazy.  August 24, 2013
Image16 5a Rabbids Against The Machine The Rabbids discover a vending machine.  September 14, 2013
Image16 5b Ring! Bwaah! The Rabbids find a discarded cell phone.  September 14, 2013
Image16 5c Radio Rabbid The Rabbids discover the joy of changing radio stations.  September 14, 2013
Image16 6a Rabbid Playa The Rabbids play with a toy on the beach and battle a seagull for food.  September 21, 2013
Image16 6b Fast Food Rabbid An intercom at a drive-through proves to be much fun for the Rabbids.  September 21, 2013
Image16 6c Escalator Rabbid The Rabbids ride an escalator.  September 21, 2013
Image16 7a Scout Rabbids TBA September 28, 2013
Image16 7b Jurrassic Rabbids TBA September 28, 2013
Image16 7c Moo Rabbids TBA September 28, 2013